Young Man by the Pool

A life study I did with a group of artists. The use of a Blue Crackle glaze with a tendency to run created a lovely effect of his having just come out with water still running over him body and pooling on the seat and at his feet. I love this glaze but it’s difficult to work with because it runs so freely. In this case, it worked even better than I’d hoped!
This was sculpted from a model and contains lots of fine detail. He was a good-looking model and his expression was understandably vain as a result. I caught his expression as I felt it was perfect for this scenario. He is aware he is being scrutinised by men and women alike and is revelling in it.

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W28 x H28.5 x D16
Weight(kg): 3
Guide Price: SOLD