Regarding Receding Rainforest

I am so proud of this piece. A chimp with piquant piercing eyes that, to use an old but very pertinent cliche, really do follow you around the room. From one angle he (or she, depending on your preference) looks forlorn as he watches his natural habitat fall to mining and deforestation. From another she (or he depending on your preference) looks calmer and hopeful.
This one speaks to the viewer, I can sit and stare into his / her eyes for hours. Consoling and comforting but I really want to stress the issues of disappearing homelands. Currently not endangered, but how long before the noble chimp becomes exactly that?

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W48 x H43.5 x D38.5
Weight(kg): 21
Guide Price: £800