Egged Politician

Let’s face it, a good egging of a politician is always corking fun for us punters. A brief but memorable payback courtesy of someone who doesn’t mind suffering the consequences for the sake of the general amusement of us all.
This captures the immediate moment of impact, before the target has flinched much, only wincing one eye. Whether his reasction is one of fearful crouching or of red-mist inspired belligerence is left for you to decide. I just like to enjoy this moment in time, sometimes letting my imagination wander to attack mode attack, sometimes to flight. Good fun either way. For the general populace at least!
I endeavoured to give the politician a sufficiently smarmy spin-doctor kind of face. He acts a a daily reminder of ongoing the lack of divinity in our countries’ leadership!

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W18 x H16.5 x D19
Weight(kg): 2.5
Guide Price: £120