Crouching Leopard, Hidden Leopard

So I wanted to capture the moment before the strike. The time when paws are placed gently and oh so silently into position and the rear flanks vibrate in ecstatic expectation of a soon to be hot dinner. But eventually I found I had captured more of a moment when the big cat has spied potential dinner. Her expression is more of interest and her stance lazier than just pre-strike though alert to the potential of the distant animal as a meal.
A continuation on my theme of sculpting wild creatures that are circling the edges of being endangered. A magnificent animal with ridiculously powerful neck and shoulders.
See ‘The Daily Grind’ for details on the intensely challenging birth of this beastie. But once forced to go the acrylic route I think the end outcome is so much better than glazing ever would have been! Ain’t life grand?

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W48 x H21 x D21.5
Weight(kg): 5
Guide Price: SOLD