The Real Minotaur

This one is about how history gets re-written over time. (Richard III may have been a great and benign king until his predecessors created a different persona).
​I decided that the Minotaur could have been a frightened and kindly beast who just wished to be left alone until a ‘hero’, (probably a bully in school and due to his godly lineage pompous as a pompous thing with extra pompous sprinkled on top), came along and slaughtered him! His story is forever stamped in history as told by the townspeople who bayed for his blood for no reason other than that’s what everyone else was doing. Once the deed was done no-one wanted to question the story of events no-one wanted to question authenticity for fear of reaping the fury of the ill-informed or indeed for fear of looking foolish themselves.
​Well, that’s an alternative view anyway. And it is mine!

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W14 x H17 x D19.5
Weight(kg): 0.7
Guide Price: £55