Big Heed and Little Heed

I went through a brief stone masonry phase  but realised that my forte was much more about adding on than taking away. I rather liked the two resultant gargoyles which are both grotesque and humorous.
Big heed (initial below) is aged Portland and has been nicely aged in the garden and Little heed (latter below) is Sandstone.
Stone masonry turned out to be quite wearing on the wrists, very loud and very very very dusty. So I quickly returned to my true love, clay.

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Portland Stone
Size(cm): Big Heed – W22 x H25.5 x D23.5, Little Heed – W19 x H19 x D21
Weight(kg): Big Heed – 9.25, Little Heed – 4.25
Guide Price: £180 and £280