Deadly Log Flume

I’m never sure on this, I think it grew from my concerns over mental illness and its sufferers, being a physical picture of helplessness, a condition which can often lead to mental breakage. There again, it may just be a bit of fun. I’m genuinely not sure. In the sculpture the man is riding a log flume and has just realised that it’s become a huge boulder of striated Cornish granite. Clearly a block of stone this large will simply crash through the wall of the ride and carry the rider to oblivion below. Yehah!
​This would make a great recurring bad dream, while I’m not keen on having it myself, I think it shares the same fatuous reality as do most bad-dreams I have ever had.

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W18 x H29 x D24
Weight(kg): 4.5
Guide Price: Β£75