With apologies to Homer, I wanted to create something that identified that moment when you realise that you haven’t done something you should have or alternatively that you have done something you shouldn’t have. Or most likely that you have totally forgotten what it is you were going to do.
This is a little rant at how tough it is as you get older and your brain inexorably shrinks (albeit – hopefully – minutely) and short and medium term memory seems to be allocated much less space than long-term. This is just an old fella like my good self who has come to a sudden infuriating realisation that he has no idea why he sat down in the first place. Humorous to many and initially humorous to us, this joke becomes a little old and mouldy as the years go on!

Sculpture Details:
Medium: Stoneware
Size(cm): W22 x H19 x D20
Weight(kg): 2
Guide Price: SOLD